The MoccaMaster

We chose the MoccaMaster for two reasons:

  • It makes a great pot of coffee
  • It’s very simple to use

Make sure the coffee grinder is filled up with beans. Turn the dial to the number of cups you’ll be making and press the button. The grinder will grind a little more coffee than you need but that’s ok. Remove the reservoir and pop open the top to access your fresh grounds.  You’ll find a brown MoccaMaster scoop and cone filters in the drawer below the machine. Fill the clear reservoir with your desired amount of water. Remove the black filter basket from the machine and place a filter in it. The brown MoccaMaster scoop holds 2 tablespoons of ground coffee. Using the table below, add the recommended number of scoops per pot in the filter basket. Replace the basket on the machine. Place the carafe underneath the filter basket so that it fits snugly in place and switch the power button to the “on” position. Wait 4-6 minutes and enjoy!

Volume of Water Moccamaster 2-Tbsp Scoop
10 Cups
7 Level Scoops
8 Cups
5 Heaping Scoops
6 Cups
4 Level Scoops