Welcome to Dameron Farm

We provide:

Linens & Bath Towels

To get your started, we have provided one roll of paper towels in the kitchen, some extra in the pantry and a couple rolls of tissue paper in each bathroom. We will also provide you with two sets of towels (1 hand, 1 bath and 1 wash cloth) per guest as indicated in your reservation.


Unfortunately cable is not offered in our area but we have four Smart TV’s. All of the Fire TV’s are logged in to the Dameron Farm Amazon Prime account with several streaming options including Locast (a streaming service with local Washington DC broadcast stations). The living room TV has an Apple TV attached which is logged on to the Dameron Farm Amazon Prime account as well as several other streaming services (including Locast). Here’s a list of which room has what:


Network: Dameron-Guest Pw: saintjerome

As you may already know, Dameron Farm is located in a very rural area (read – there’s no cable/fiber). We’re fortunate enough to be within 2 miles of the nearest AT&T tower and have leveraged the support of an IT consultant to develop a system which provides the entire property with high-speed internet (up to 120mbps down / 50mbps up). And it works great!


Our Kitchen is stocked with most essentials and basic cooking supplies. A separate detailed inventory list can be found by clicking here.


We provide a Technivorm MoccaMaster coffee maker. The basic instructions are located near the machine itself and are simple enough for the pre-caffeinated mind to comprehend 😉

The garage apartment has a 10-cup drip coffee maker as well.


We have a combination grill/smoker for guests to serve up some smokey delights! It’s an Oklahoma Joe’s Longhorn Combo Charcoal/Gas Smoker & Grill

The propane side has an electric ignition so all you need to do is:

  • Turn the knob on top of the propane tank counter-clockwise
  • Turn the knobs on the from of the grills to the flame 🔥 icon (if you want to light the side burner, turn that knob too)
  • Press the ignition button
  • That’s it! 

The left half is a charcoal/wood grill for the “purist” BBQer.

During the colder months, we keep it in the garage and roll it out to the driveway when we want to use it.

Please clean off the grates and let it cool before replacing the cover and rolling it back in to the garage. There’s charcoal and lighter fluid in the garage. If you’ll be using it multiple times throughout your stay, please make sure to keep it covered if let outside. We want it to last a lifetime 😉


There is a washing machine and dryer in downstairs area off the hallway behind the kitchen. We provide laundry detergent and dryer sheets for your use. There is also a stacked Washer/dryer in the Garage Apartment.


A selection of bicycles are in the garage for your use. Use at your own risk.

Kayaks / Canoe

 You’ll find two kayaks, a stand-up paddle board and a canoe along with a selection of life jackets and paddles in “the Barn” (see first picture). The water is very cold this time of year but can be calm enough to take a ride.


In the center of the garage, you’ll find an assortment of fishing equipment including rods, nets, lures, hooks. The freezer in the garage is a bait freezer. In the summer months, crabbing is plentiful and we have crab pots in the fenced-in area outside the garage (there is a legal limit of 2 pots in the water at a time). If you bait them and drop them in the water off the pier, you’ll surely have a feast in a couple of days. Plus it’s fun to send the kids out to “Check the pots“!


We have two dogs named Betty and Louie and they absolutely love the Farm!!

It’s important for us to be able to bring them along whenever we go out of town on vacation and this is why we offer Dameron Farm as a pet-friendly vacation rental.

We provide one medium sized (22.5” x 35.5”) dog crate as well as two food/water bowls and a few towels designated for pups. You’ll find the crate in the garage and the bowls and towels on the bench in the hallway behind the kitchen (we call this “the mud room”).

**Please be mindful of the house rules regarding your furry friends.

First Aid

There is a first-aid kit in the hallway behind the  kitchen attached to the wall. It’s a “Cruiser” kit (for boating) and Contains 58 items including a large assortment of: bandages, gauze pads and rolls, butterfly closures, eye pads, adhesive tape, antiseptic wipes, cold pack, scissors, tweezers, CPR mask, motion sickness tablets, burn gel, sting treatment, sunscreen and a first aid instruction booklet.

There’s also a household first-aid kit in the master bathroom.


The nearest Emergency Room to the Farm is MedStar St. Mary’s Hospital. It is 15.2 miles away and a 22 minute drive (click map to enlarge).


 The Farm is stocked with most essentials; we suggest bringing any items that are important to you and your trip.

The nearest grocer that we recommend is:


22599 MacArthur Blvd, California, MD 20619

We recommend stopping there on the way down.

You’ll also pass a Harris Teeter, Target, Giant and Walmart on the way to the Farm on Three Notch Rd.

The closest convenience store is Dollar General located in Ridge which is just a 15 minute drive if you’re in a pinch.

If you’re looking for a terrific bakery with amazing breads and treats, go online and order from Enso in St. Mary’s City (you have to order the day before). It’s less than 20 minutes away and you’ll enjoy the scenic drive through historic St. Mary’s City.

Click here to order

Dining Out

 Nearby Lexington Park offers plenty of national and regional chain restaurants from fast-casual to sit down:

  • Chipotle
  • Mission BBQ
  • Ledo Pizza
  • Mezah
  • Firehouse Subs
  • Longhorn
  • Roadhouse
  • Outback

 Closer to the Farm, Pier 450 is the newest local offering and we’ve found it to be delightful.

Farmers Market

Home Grown Farm Market

Just 11 miles from Dameron Farm is a great farmers market every Saturday from 9am to 1pm. 

The Home Grown Farm Market is a producer-only market aimed at providing fresh produce, flowers, plants, meats, cheeses and baked goods to the Southern Maryland community while promoting sustainable agriculture. Sustainable agriculture requires economic viability, eco-friendly production techniques that preserve water and soil resources, limited transportation of food and dependence on fossil fuels, and a strong connection between the producers and the consumers.

Local Attractions

For the most part, guests simply stay on the farm and enjoy the seclusion it provides. Once you’ve stocked up the kitchen, you’ve pretty much got everything you need and plenty of room to roam. We have a few Bald Eagles who like to perch on trees nearest to the pier along with over 300 other species of birds to fulfill the birder in you. If you do decide you’d like to wander off the property, there are several local attractions that are worthy of consideration…